Distance and impatience .... bombastic!


Colleagues. Another year has ended and here we are. Magical Year that marked the 15th anniversary of the magazine "Reação" in the beautiful ceremony at Memorial of Latin America. This year I "rode" through many cities in Brazil. I knew the realities of people with disabilities. But above all, I supported further convictions that we deafblind people face, two huge barriers that hinder or slow down the development of many. I'm talking about the distance and impatience. Let's see, we deafblind people, we have ways and means to communicate, always remembering that communication is indeed essential, but all forms can only be developed on the contact in the vicinity.

And it's pretty clear to everyone that society, people are every day more distant from each other. People do not come close, people move away. The distance is a barrier to a terrible deafblind person. The distance certainly has negative effects to any disabled person but for the deafblind person, the distance is bombastic, because it lacks, partially or totally, the sense of distance vision and / or hearing. I invite you who are reading right now. Let's take a deep reflection on my thesis? "Human development happens in the relationship between proximity and distance." I invite you to "observe" you in the world and the world in you." I'm sure you will come to the conclusion that the "distance" is maybe the biggest barrier to a better quality of life.

My life, as a deafblind person and person with rare disease who I am, and yours. And impatience? Well here's another factor that truly haunts, not only me but all deaf blind people. All media used by deafblind people have a particular characteristic beyond the proximity - touch, in fact it is the slowness. Obviously each mean is a mean and each deaf blind person is a deafblind person and so models differ in the item slow-speed, but none reaches the speed of speech, for example. Thus the impatience of human kind appears overwhelming and therefore "do not approach" or "move away quickly" is the keynote of this process.

This year, honestly I was stunned, and it is not any situation that makes me so impatient to watch the mean. It may seem just me, but every day that passes more people are impatient, and that's a "tsunami" for a deafblind person. Distance and impatience are the root causes of loneliness of a deafblind person. In this respect we are quite fragile and vulnerable. Thus, with my unyielding faith that everyone knows, I suggest we all let us resolve to get closer and have more patience, as Carlos Castaneda said, "Deciding doesnt mean choosing an arbitrary moment. Deciding means that it you put your mind at impeccable order, and did everything possible to be worthy of knowledge and power. "Believe me, the proximity and patience are strong partners for the well being!


Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia - Deafblind Brazilian. Coordinator of the core regional for Rio Grande do Sul at the Baresi Institute. President of Agapasm - www.agapasm.com.br. Specialist in Special Education. Writer. II Sentidos Award Winner. Honorable Rotary Club member - Rotary Club in São Luiz Gonzaga-RS. International Leader for the employment of people with disabilities - Professional Program on International Leadership, Employment, and Disability (I-LEAD) - Mobility International USA - MIUSA. Member World Federation of Deafblind - WFDB. I write articles for the Reação Magazine, and also to Planeta Educação and I am a counceler of Rede Educativa Mundial - REDEM