Accessibility: deafblindness and multiple disability

Alex Garcia. Deafblind Brazilian. Specialist in Special Education. AGAPASM President - www.agapasm.com.br - Member World Federation of Deafblind 

In this article we intend to exchange, in a briefly way, the cause relation and the tragic sense, among these three simple words: Deafblindness, Multiple disability and Accessibility.

To write about Deafblindness and Multiple Disability People Accessibility, means, to emphasize all senses of Accessibility:  theory, practical activities and purposes, in a very specific way, because we have to realize that everyone has yours individual and undivided characteristics. The Accessibility should present individual and undivided characteristics based in Deafblindness and Multiple Disability People necessity. Deafblindness and Multiple Disability, even though in the lightest characteristics, have a retaliation potential power in the structure and human developing skill. These characteristics could be changed, if Accessibility were developed and put into practice in its different actuation areas.

For us, Deafblindness and Multiple Disability People, the Accessibility at first can be seen as a Tool against Social Inclusion. Talking about Social Inclusion means that all we want to have The Same Opportunities for all social areas. In order to have the same opportunities, the Accessibility should promote our Right of Communicability and the possibility to Communicate and be Communicated, which is different from Communication Right. The Accessibility, through its actuation and promotion ways, should be able to provide us the Communicability Access, respecting and considering new difficulties and plural characteristics, at the same time, individual characteristics, that are part of our Communicability.

Originally from the Right of Communicability, Accessibility will naturally be assuring or being possible the Universal Right of Free Expression, for all of us, Deafblindness and Multiple Disability People. The Freedom of Expression which is constantly denied for us.  The denied Freedom of Expression means to consider that our Right of Conviction will be taken away. If our Right of Conviction is denied, we'll be becoming careless about a Main Humanity Rule for the Deafblindness and Multiple Disability People.

Summarizing, the Accessibility developed under Legal, Ethics and Moral Parameters, despising a fundamental importance to Human Developing Full, can in a median period, modify the relations that are there nowadays, among Disability People and The Social Environment. So, we can change from Excluding and Conservative models to Intelligent and Including ones. It's based on all these arguments that we - Deafblindness and Multiple Disability People from AGAPASM - consider the topic of Accessibility. Accessibility/ Access/ Human Rights and Duties for all of us is what we want to develop and grow in our Identity and as a Citizenship, based in a potential way our participation and humanitarian-social  consideration to the environment that surrounds us.