My dear friends!!!!!

I won!!!!

I have been in Eugene, USA for 20 days participating of an Exchange programe about employment of people with disabilities and this program was promoted by MIUSA. When I was there I got the news about the award and that I was the winner of the category “people like us”. When I got the news I was at a party to celebrate the graduation of the latin American delegates and then I was really happy because of those two events.

“I celebrated my victory in Obama”s land!!!”

How great!!!!!

What is the award SENTIDOS?

The category “People like us”, part of the award SENTIDOS chooses through popular voting and through the votes of the juries the most significant story of overcoming of a person with disability. There were thousand of competitors from all parts of Brazil and my work and my overcoming story were the winners!!!!!

I thank you all for all the affection and I hope that this award can be transformed in “ Keys” to open doors  to promote the inclusion of deafblind people and people with multiple disabilities of Brazil.

I couldn’t be at the awarding ceremony but my dear friend Ana Maria Barros Silva, from São Paulo represented me. Ana Maria says:

“Hello, Alex!!! Congratulations for the award!!! You little devil!!! I was moved, it was everything wonderful!!!! They prepared a very beautiful ceremony. To tell you the truth I shouldn’t be there, the right person would be some member of your family. I was really excited but I would rather to see your parents and it would be great IF they could be there to feel what I felt. It was really moving!!!! I felt as IF I was at the OSCAR awarding ceremony!!!! People very well dressed, the presenter was wearing a long black dress  and she was holding those envelopes that only can be opened during the annoucements.  Then I understood that from the three finalists, only one would be the winner  the others got participation plaques. When I arrived at the party I asked how thigs would be and IF I could speak for the winner  They Said that it wouldn’t be possible to speak  and that I would only get the award because there were 18 people who would get awards and  IF everyone spoke there wouldn’t have enough time. Ok, then I left all the things I had written in my purse. The party started with a tango presentation between a beautiful girl and a man in a wheelchair, it was amazing!!!! Later the presenters talked about the event  and then the awarding ceremony really started and guess what was the first name they called? Alex Garcia!!! And then I went straight to the stage !!! you make me do all kinds of things!!! . The presenters also called up to the stage the other two people who were finalists of the category “people like us”, and person representing NOSSO LAR to give the trophy. Meanwhile there was a screen where we could see photos e videos with each story then the presenter said: “the award goes to ..... Alex Garcia !!!!!” everybody applauded and then I received the trophy. I took it and the lady pointed to the microphone. Then with a simple gesture I asked IF I could speak and she Said Yes.  Then my friend, I found myself without the things I had written in a paper, poems and all, what should I do? I got the microphone and started to praise you and I Said how  this award was  important  to the área of deafblindness  and I don’t remeber what else I Said. I Said thank you in your name and I couldn’t say anything else. People applauded again and everytnhing continued.: Mara from LARAMARCA, Adilson Ventura, Dorina NOwill, the big boss of AVAPE, LInamara,  the boss of the magazine SENTIDOS , radio RECORD was filming all the ceremony., Edu Braga, Roberto Carlos’ son and many other people  whose names I don’t remember but They are well known people . Then, I took some photos with some of them and I’ll send you them as soon as possible. All the ceremony ended at 10 pm and then when I was looking for my car in the parking lodge your dad called me. So, everything went right and here I have a beautiful trophy to give you. Call me then we can arrange a way. Regards and I hope that this ward can help you open many doors, it was a great recognition for all the years you have beem fighting . Please don’t do it again to me, this old lady here can’t stand tôo much emotions!!!!! Ana Maria”

Thank you all

Alex Garcia
AGAPASM President
Deafblind Brasilian