Last Friday, August, 27th, emphasizing the National Week of Persons with Disabilities, a group of students of Social Work and Pedagogy was awarded wuth the presence of at least surprising human being, at the pole of CNEC - Unopar. Alex Garcia, a citzen from São Luiz Gonzaga and a pilgrim in the world of the words, provoked the reflection of the students from direct questioning, showing that we all want to be equal to the normal standards of society and when we leave the model, we feel shame. Shame in our communities is a synonymous of guilt. Shame, accprding to his words, is a sham, because it is nothing more than one control mechanism, historically constructed and perpetuated, in general, by family and religion. Our differences are given to us independenlyt of our will.  "I'm an eternal shameless person." Following in his thoughts, Alex shows us that all the ills of society have their onset in inequality.   Whenever a human being needs to subdo to another person, whenever there are oppressors and oppressed, whenever there is a presupposition of our identities, the relationship of unequal power, there will be violence, and all its consequences. Students, professors and guests who heard his words were certainly provoked and went home thoughtful. Alex is considered deafblind, but his eyes and ears are somewhere else, seeing and hearing what most of us are unaware. His eyes and ears are internal. Like Socrates, the philosopher of Ancient World, Alex stirs our certainties and questions in order to cause doubt in search of truth. "We always have to deconstruct reality." Alex, the board of directors and students from Unopar thank you!

Photo: Alex and students from Unopar

Thank you!

Alex Garcia. Deafblind Brasilian.