Alex Garcia has once again showed the strength of his freedom

Alex Garcia has once again showed the strength of his freedom at the Book Fair of Porto Alegre. It was launched on October, 31 "The Great Revolution". Not even the Brazilian general elections day could make Alex change his goal. And in on departament of the Book fair called " The House  of Thinking"  located at the deck "A" at the harbor in Porto Alegre, Alex managed to gather a  wonderful group of speakers as Sonia Zanchetta  (of the Executive Board of the Rio Grande Book departament),  Dr. Ana Maria Machado Costa (Fiscal Audit of Labor. Core Employment Equality NIT/SRTE/RS) to talk about issues which are relevant to people with disabilities

Dr. Ana Maria Machado Costa

Elisete Baruel. Futurekids Institutional Relations of Brazil, and the website “Planeta Educação” (www.planetaeducacao.com.br) who came from São Paulo to coolaborate with Alex

Alex Garcia, Elisete Baruel from “Planeta Educação” and Eloá Garcia with a gift to Elisete

Juliana Carvalho. Advertising. She is in a wheelchair since the age of 19. She presents the TV program "Making a Difference",on the Assembly TV of Rio Grande do Sul

Alex Garcia and Juliana Carvalho

Dr. Luciano P. Bellini. Medical Ophthalmologist. Graduated in eye surgery (Fellowship) at UFRGS. Member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). Member of the Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology (CBO).

Alex Garcia and Dr. Luciano P. Bellini. Medical Ophthalmologist

Rodrigo Rosso. Journalist and Publicist. Director and Editor of the  Reaction magazine. Reatech Director - International Fair of Technologies in Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Accessibility. INIS Director - National Institute for Social Inclusion. President of ABRIDEF - Brazilian Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Products and Services for People with Disabilities, who also came from São Paolo to collaborate with Alex

Alex Garcia, Rodrigo Rosso. Director and Editor of the Reaction magazine and Enio Garcia giving a gift to Rodrigo Rosso

"The launcing of the work and activities were magnificent. The team responded with enthusiasm and dynamism. We have received many compliments and we're already thinking about the Book fair of Porto Alegre, 2011. I thank my family, the speakers, the sign Language interpreters and the audience,” Says Alex Garcia.
Best wishes!

Deafblind Brasilian.