I refuse myself!

With these thoughts I intend to relate the inclusion movements to Deafblind people.  Also, in these thoughts, I use as the basis my own identity as a Deafblind person, educator and expert in Special Education, through some specific criteria and conditions, as well as through the criticism that envolves them. I note, with some concern some inclusion movements, mainly school-education inclusion and the passivity of Deafblind people. They should strengthen their denial and indignation against the "inclusive mask." This denial that elevates my identity has long and seems to have had a positive effect. Historically I refuse to accept what Carl Jung wanted to show us, he was one of the founders of modern psychoanalysis and he used to say that we all drink from the same source. I refuse to drink from the same source. In this same source there are the “gags” and “brakes” to our full development. I refuse to be in a classroom only as a body, as well as many in our society emphasize that inclusion means being part of something. I think it important to emphasize that inclusion is also characterized by the interests of each person. Just not enough and this is not the meaning to be present or to take part, but rather a part of something and compete and enjoy the benefits that the whole possesses. The Deafblind are somehow excluded twice: by not being part and for not applying for benefits. It is the content of the benefits that lies exclusion and inclusion of Deafblind. From what I observe in my acting, I do not need and do not give much importance to be part of, but we suffer exclusion in the achievement of benefits, highlighted by the interests of each. Interests which everyone in our society have, interests which make us move in search of these benefits and to satisfy our needs of many orders. If education is not widely adapted to receive us and fulfills our needs in this context, therefore, we will not learn, so we will not have specific skills to compete on a scale of values with others in the enjoyment of social benefits, collapsing the satisfaction of our needs with autonomy. I speak in denial. I do talk about our needs. As “I will not drink from the same source” I do not want and I refuse to be just "another brick in the wall". Who does not know Pink Floyd and the song “Another brick in the wall"? In one part of the song, Pink Floyd say “All in all it was just another brick in the wall” which we can translate to “at last, it was another brick in the wall”. I will fight hard and refuse myself harder to not be just another brick in the wall. Same sources. Same walls and bricks. And not mentioning the well - known needs and interests. Important considerations that exemplify the essential negation of what corrupts our identity and development. I refused myself.  And you?

Alex Garcia Deafblind Brasilian.