I was impressed when I felt you holding me very tight

On September, 9th, the São Luiz radio Station, from São Luiz Gonzaga promoted a meeting with directors, managers and salespersons related to radio stations.  Alex Garcia, a deaf blind person was present in this event and talked during the closing cerimony of the event.  "It was the first time I have talked to persons who work or are related to radio stations. I love radio. When i was able to hear I always listen to the radio. This moment here was incredible, I could fell a lot of energy from the participants", says Alex. 

Photo 1 - Alex Garcia and six members of radio stations

In this event were presen the following radio stations: São Luiz Radio Station, from São Luiz Gonzaga, Imembui Radio Station and Nativa radio station, both from Santa Maria, Cassino Radio Station, from Rio Grande, Lider FM Radio Station, from Santana do Livramento, Nativa Radio Station from Alegrete, Cinderela Radio Station from Campo Bom, Liberal Radio Station from Guaporé, Osório Radio Station from Osório, Integração Radio Station from Restinga Seca, Blau Nunes radio Station from Santa Barbara and Princesa radio Station from Candelária.

Photo 2 - Alex Garcia and four memebers of radio Stations

Overcoming and happiness

"Alex! Thanks for the lecture. I really enjoyed it and I'm going to use everything I have learnt very much. While many people only feel sorry for themselves, you gave us a life lesson of what is overcoming and living with a high spirits. I wonder how much investment at all, because the great achievements like yours, did not come for free. You believes and made it. May the good God give you much time to continue this mission to bring motivation, self esteem, belief, everything is possible when we want. Overcoming leads human being to places that you can not imagine. Your life is an example of this. Hugs and see you soon." Alcides Zappe, Imembui Radio, Santa Maria.

Photo 3 - Alex Garcia and 4 members of radio stations

I was impressed when I felt you holding me very tight

"Alex! It was very meaningful to have attended your lecture for the reasons that I will expose. First, because of the  fantastic overcoming that you have achieved, demonstrating the importance of working with dedication and enthusiasm in what you do day-to-day. But even with much passion to get results to overcome as you passed us all. Second: because I have felt very closely   your desire to speak with accuracy and security. For a number of times you held my arm as you spoke.  I was impressed when I felt you holding me very tight, giving the distinct impression that you also felt my admiration and respect to hear you. Third: for the life lesson that you have given us. it was great being with you. Who knows one day we can bring you to speak in Candelaria. I suggest you to think of a way tworking  in radios. You have good tone of voice, clarity of words, wisdom and good vocabulary. See you any other day and may God be with you." Cyro Visalli, Radio Princess of Candelaria.

Photo 4 - Alex Garcia and two members of radio station