Alex Garcia at the International Seminar of Piauí Apaes

From September 27 to October 3. the citzen from the city of Sâo Luiz Gonzaga, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Alex Garcia, Deafblind Brasilian, was in the city of Teresina, in the state of Piauí, collaborating with the International Seminars of Piauí Apaes. He lectured in two moments and as the audience requested, he participated one more time.

The activities were developed in rooms. Alex's room was called "Professor Cord" and in each lecture participated 75 lecture, and the total was 225 people in three moments. "I asked God to keep me with my usual enthusiasm and it happened" emphasizes Alex.

Alex was accompanied by his father, Enio Luis Garcia and he also had the support of three academic girls from Physical Education, Carla, Samantha and Leydiane that brilliantly supported and followed hisr guidelines, since Alex is deafblind and has to develop their communication needs. these academic girls live in the city of Timon which is in the state of Maranhao, about an hour fromTeresina in Piauí.

After the seminar, along with other panelists, Alex and his father went sightseeing. "We went to the city of Parnaíba, 350 km from Teresina. We took a boat and sailed through Parnaíba river, to the Delta Parnaiba point where the river joins the sea. In Delta of Parnaíba I we got off the boat and walked in the huge dune that "separates" the river from the sea.

I went from one side to another side of the dune. I got to the sea! On the way back we stopped again in another huge dune. It is impossible to describe the size of the dunes" highlights Alex.

Alex consider very important to remindi readers that "I write to all my perceptions. I am a Deafblind person I write what I can notice."

Picture 1 - Alex and the Academic girls who supoorted him

Picture 2 - Alex and his father talking to a tv reporter

Picture 3 - Alex and Humbeto, the boat turist guide. He is writing on Alex's hand

Picture 4 - Alex and his father on Delta of Parnaíba

Picture 5 - Alex on the boat pointing to a dune

Picture 6 - Alex on the boat with other colleagues