Alex Garcia was honored in the 15th anniversary of the Magazine "Reação"


In a remarkable celebration held at the Latin America Memorial in Sao Paulo, on the night of October 24, which attracted more than 650 people, magazine "Reação" celebrated its 15th anniversary, and honored at the opportunity several authorities who cooperated and stillcooperate so that "Reação" could become the largest magazine about accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities, limited mobility, family and industry professionals, with a circulation bimonthly exceeding the twenty thousand copies and reaches all states of Brazil and another 15 countries have subscribers. Alex Garcia, who signed the Open Space columnin the magazine, points out that "the celebration of the anniversary was brilliant. It was great to see my friends, brothers and sisters of disabilities".

It was more outstanding to see the joy and above all, the magazine taught us how to valuethe commitment and work of the people. Our faith is immortal and who knows if this lesson of how to value can serve as an example to the 'authorities' of SECADI / MEC, the SDH, the CONADE and State Councils for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, so they might receive a divine light and can use their intelligence, which is for sure great, so they can develop valuation methodologies commitment and work of the people. I highlight this because throught all theses years I have seen terrible things happening that can haunt even the most optimistic of the human beings. And the year is not over yet! So our country and Persons with Disabilities may be sure that oppression is losing strength. I wich that t all categories of persons with disabilities will be valued and not just "easier" because the deafblind persons, people with multiple disabilities and People with Rare Diseases are also human beings, or aren't they? I wish that counceling can be for the development and not for mere pyrotechnics.

May the 'choices' be grounded in historical contribution to the movement and no exchanges of favors that were born yesterday, and that " Nothing About Us Without Us" can become, in effect, 'Real Power' and not 'Fake Power' as followed recently in many occasions. Do you know? The anniversary party Birthday, in 15 years, watching through my pont of view, having my my deafblindness as an eternal companion, the whole valuation therein life, I remembered of Nelson Cavaquinho who said "know tomorrow. When I die. My friends will say. I had a good heart. Some even will weep. And I want to honor. Making gold a guitar. But then time passes. I know no one will remember. I'm gone. That's why I think so. If someone wants to do it for me. It has to be now. Give me the flowers in life. The caring, the helping hand. To ease my woes. After I call myself nostalgia. I do not need vanity. I pray and nothing else".

Anyway, to value life and be valued in life, situations quite unknown in our country, but we must maintain our unwavering faith and dream, because dreaming is projecting the future, and once again congratulations to the magazine "Reação"! As for Rodrigo Rosso, director of the magazine, Alex Garcia is "more than a magazine columnist, is a dear friend who learned to be admired for his hard work, character and competence. It is an honor to have on the pages of our publication in each edition, such good articles written by him and dealing with issues as important and controversial as it is deafblindness in Brazil.

Alex has the gift of gab, when many in the same situation that he even had the opportunity or the condition learn to speak ... He has the gift of discernment, when many in the same condition that he can not even hear ... Alex sees far, has the gift to change this to help to build a better future, when others in your same condition, they can not even see. Alex Garcia, is a very special person. his intelligence, his will power, his joy and enthusiasm to face life, even with so many physical limitations, is an example to us all, and makes this son of São Luiz Gonzaga / RS proud, not only to his city and for RS ... but it makes him a person who makes us proud of being Brazilian".

Besides Alex Garcia the other honorees were: Andrew Parson, Presidente of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee. Claudia Maximino, President of the Brazilian Association of Thalidomide Syndrome. State Representative (SP) Célia Leão. Mara Gabrilli (SP), Federal Congressman. Otavio Leite (RJ). Federal Congressman, Rosiha Adefal (AL). A blind humorist Geraldo Magela. Dr. Geraldo Nogueira, RJ. Journalist Jairo Marques (Folha de SP). Former player of Corinthians and the Brazilian Julio Cesar de Souza, today Deaf Person. Photographer Kica Castro. The conductor João Carlos Martins. Marcia Gori from the movement of women with disabilities. Former sports caster Osmar Santos. The cartoonist Ricardo Ferraz. Romeo Sassaki. Steven Dubner (ADD). Dra. Linamara Batistella, among other authorities and names of relevance to the universe of people with disabilities in Brazil.

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Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia - Deafblind Brazilian. Coordinator of the core regional for Rio Grande do Sul at the Baresi Institute. President of Agapasm - www.agapasm.com.br. Specialist in Special Education. Writer. II Sentidos Award Winner. Honorable Rotary Club member - Rotary Club in São Luiz Gonzaga-RS. International Leader for the employment of people with disabilities - Professional Program on International Leadership, Employment, and Disability (I-LEAD) - Mobility International USA - MIUSA. Member World Federation of Deafblind - WFDB. I write articles for the Reação Magazine, and also to Planeta Educação and I am a counceler of Rede Educativa Mundial - REDEM