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My friends! Please read it with a lot of attention and then Alex Garcia's comments:

Twins allowed to commit suicide together

Brussels - Belgian identical twins were allowed to take their lives together after their dwindling eyesight became an unbearable burden for the two men, the daily Het Laatste Nieuws reported on Saturday. The men died on December 14, in what the newspaper reported as the first case in the world of twins using the legal right to euthanasia. The 45-year-old men, who were born deaf, had spent their entire lives together, the newspaper reported. They grew up in the same room, both qualified as shoemakers and later moved into the same apartment in Putte, 30 kilometres north-east of Brussels. But their dwindling eyesight meant that within a few years they would lose their only means of communication. They found the prospect of only being able to touch one another intolerable, the newspaper wrote. Belgian law permits euthanasia if the wish is expressed by the patient and doctors detect an unbearable degree of suffering. The brothers had no terminal illness or physical pain, but the doctors at the UZ hospital in Brussels agreed to their request. - Sapa-dpa.

Important passage:

"But their dwindling eyesight meant that within a few years they would lose their only means of communication"

Let me cry!

The report describes deafblind people. For 15 years I have been alerting with other activists from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and the world about the destructive power that deafblindness brings to a human being. Few people understand it. Few people pay attention to it. But I repeat: deafblindness is devastating. If the deafblind person doesn't receive proiper attention, he/she will "die in life" or the things described in the report can happen indeed. Thousands of deafblind people have commited suicide in Brazil and in the world, but the media doesn't talk about it. Others have passed away because of natural causes if we can't say it was BECAUSE OF LONELINESS. In Brazil, deafblindness existes for more tahn 50 years and what can we see? People are absolutely invisible. Pos-simbolic deafblind people extremely subaltern and vulnerable. Pre-simbolic deafblind people with a little or almost any stimulation and nowadays, many of them survive in a primitive state of development. We see some families surviving "struggling" for their children, children who were forgotten by the autorities and by the public power. in 50 years we could see people who are not deafblind grow and promote themselves. this article describes deafblind people in belgium, but this reality is not so far away as you can imagine. In this side of the Atlantic ocean, euthanasia is "dissembled".

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