Damn inheritance!


My colleagues! I get these messages everyday. I will share them with you so you can understand a bit of the deafblind people's reality. This case is in the Northeast of Brazil and I got it yesterday. I am more than 4000 kilometers from this case. I didn't put their names, but when you read it you'll understand it. The message: "Alex, good morning! I was happy you contacted me. The deafblind person here is called J.L. and he is 24 years old. According to his mother, he recently became blind and he is deaf since he was born. I currently he only communicates with his mother who understands what he wants in the usual moments he wants the same things: bathing, eating, water etc.. the boy lives inside of a room, he rarely comes into the living room.

There was a denounce and the prosecutor determined that his mother had to take him to be attended in a specialized center, and because of this I received this situation, as I told you before. Now we have to see how to deal with this case. . Att: N. J. ". Colleagues. What hurts me is receiving daily calls for help while observing the false speech from people in Sao Paulo who work for the rights of deafblindness who for more than 50 years keep on exploring the deafblind in Brazil. I cry when i see Hilton Perkins from the USA supporting this destruction. I cry when I see them givinng honours and medals to these people.of Brazil because they have supported the deafblind. Support that never existed and does not exist. People who received medals made projects but with these works they were the favored ones! I cry when I see that SENSE International has given power to these people for many years.

Cases like the one you have just read are just like thousands in Brazil. I, Alex Garcia. a Deafblind person, without support, have been fighting for more than 15 years, even collaborating with cases which are 4000 kilometers away but frankly I highlight: Sometimes I do not know what to do. Do not know what I'll tell them to help. People of Sao Paulo who should support, Hilton Perkins from The USA and SENSE International from England have created and developed in Brazil a huge inequality and this inequality, we'll load for thousands of years. It is the damn legacy we are carrying! I really thank you hearing me, your moral support and your fraternal soliderity.

As it says a short story: "UBUNTU". A well - known anthropologist proposed a game to the children from an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruits near a tree and he said that they should run and the child who arrived there first would get all the fruits. When he said "go", all the children held hands and ran together and after that, they sat and all of them tasted the reward together. So at this moment the anthropologist asked them: why did you run like that when only one of them could have got all of the fruits to herself / himself? So the children answered: UBUNTU. So how one of us could be happy if all the others would be sad? UBUNTU in the XHOSA culture means: I am because all of us are."


Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia - Deafblind Brazilian. Coordinator of the core regional for Rio Grande do Sul at the Baresi Institute. President of Agapasm - www.agapasm.com.br. Specialist in Special Education. Writer. II Sentidos Award Winner. Honorable Rotary Club member - Rotary Club in São Luiz Gonzaga-RS. International Leader for the employment of people with disabilities - Professional Program on International Leadership, Employment, and Disability (I-LEAD) - Mobility International USA - MIUSA. Member World Federation of Deafblind - WFDB. I write articles for the Reação Magazine, and also to Planeta Educação and I am a counceler of Rede Educativa Mundial - REDEM