Activities in São Francisco de Paula - RS


I went to São Francisco de Paula. There collaborated with some reflections to young people from a state school. There were many young students. I talked about how important it is to make choices. All theses young students wanted to write on the palm of my hand. All of them wanted to communicate with a Deafblind Person. At the end, I answered many questions and we took many photos.

It was great to be with these young students! I met two persons with disabilities. Maria - a person with rare disease, and valeria - a person with cerebral palsy.

And of course I stayed at the house of one of our "miracle mothers". I am talking about Edna Medeiros, Arthur's mother - her son has a rare disease, the Lorenzo Syndrome the same syndrome which was shown in the movie "Lorenzo". Arthur gave me a present: he gave me a prayer beads and told me this: "keep on helping people who need a lot". I promised him that I will always have the prayer beads with me in important moments.

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On the other day, I talked to about 70 teachers. I talked about language and communication.

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We'll keep in touch!

Alex Garcia - Deafblind Brazilian

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