Alex "Deafblind" Garcia - VII Seminar for the training of managers and educators


With the same strenght, I, Alex "Deafblind" Garcia, collaborated with the VII Seminar for the training of managers and educators from the Inclusive Education Program: right to diversity which was held from the 17th to the 21st of March, 2014 in the city of Cajazeiras - Paraíba.

I developed the opening conferences on the 17th of March. In the morning there was the conference "Inclusion in the voices of everyday life" and in the afternoon the conference "Right to equality and diversity".

I was in the event till the end of it and then I could share great moments with everybody there. All the participants are in my heart.

Keilane Maria de Oliveira Santos said:

"As the coordinator of the program in the city of Cajazeiras and as a participant of the International Seminar in Jo√£o Pessoa-PB few years ago, it was the first time I saw Alex Garcia lecturing. I was delighted with his dynamism, autonomy and independence. As soon as I had the chance, I would try to invite him to participate of a seminar in our city Cajazeiras. And then this moment arrived. What can I say about his presence here? There aren't words to express our satisfaction. Alex, you pointed out that it doesn't matter the social, phisical, psychological condition of the person and that we must stop judging in advance or letting prejudice inferiorize us. Moreover, we saw that despite of all kinds of the difficulties that are imposed by society, it is possible to persons with disabilities achieve a high level in this society and for that, school as a place of changes must respect all the differences and give opportunities to the access to education and the continuation of these at school, giving them the right to enpowerment. Everybody who was at the conferneces and listened to him started to havc a different vision of life".

Educator Christiny Cavalcante highlighted:

"It is difficult to explain how important Alex Garcia's participation at the seminar in Cajazeiras - Paraíba is, but I can say that all the experience brought by him was a "shot in the arm" to the teacher who finds himself/herself lost facing hard situations in relation to inclusion. Alex made me see things related to inclusion with different eyes and he made me believe I can't give up fighting".

The school supervisor, Maria Eugenia Mendes who lives in the city of Sousa - Paraíba and works in the city of Lastro, also in Paraíba, said:

"Alex, my evaluation of your participation in the seminar is excellent because you could be direct and speak with the authority of someone who lives, searches and fights for inlucion issues. One of the parts which I liked the most was when you talked about presuposition and shame. How these two feelings have to power to erase people from society! After listening to your lecture, I changed my point of view in relation to many things in life. Believe that, I will share this message wherever I go".

Richard José, from Cajazeiras, who was the intermediary between Alex and the audience, hilights:

"Alex, your participation in the Seminar about Inclusive Education here in the city of Cajazeiras, from the 17th to the 21st of March, 2014, had an unique importnace, because it provided a real swerve in the way educators, managers, coordinators, Education secretaries, all from the 15 cities which are centered by Cajazeiras, seeked this changing process. There were many doubts which were solved and much knowledge and information was acquired related to how we must proceed to make this education really inclusive as part of our pedagogical practice and, above all, a posible reality. I have no doubt that your speech added a lot to our educators and, not only your lecture, but every day we had the pleasure to be with you, always helpful, answering all the questions and solving all the doubts and talking about your experiences of life. These were situations that motivated all the participants of the seminar and I belive taht your words will be the base for a continuous improvement of our pedagogical practice towards a truly inclusive education, with quality and, above all, effective in its goals and results".

Andélson José do Nascimento, from the little town Sertãozinho Brejo - Paraíba, the Municipal Education Director, said:

"The participation of the specialist Alex Garcia was extremely valid for the acquisition of knowledge, besides being able to really put into practice the knowledge acquired with his speech in the VII Seminar of Inclusive Education. I could learn how to communicate with him and that we can't assume people's identity before we meet them. He gave good guidance about knowing, controlling emotions, planning and guiding. The speaker, besides his own difficulties, has great abilities to inform and communicate. Developing his work very easily, Alex showed us that we must go beyond our limits and overcome the barriers of prejudice. He surprised everybody with his practices, involving us with dynamic and consistent information. I am really grateful for having lived these days with him because I could learn a lot".

Teacher Lindinalva Vasconcelos da Silva, remembers:

"Alex! Your passage through our city had a great importance. When we talk about inclusion, we don't often have idea that it is so important and necessary that speech can reach practice. I am not a person with disability but I have worked with some persons with disabilities for some years (not many) and nowadays I have worked with transcription of the Braille system, and I have friends who are persons with disabilites and I know how they are seen as "poor people" or they are not even seen! So, one of the aspects which I liked the most was to see you talk, reflect, show, point out that all of us, without any distinction, must be noticed and can have effective participation in the progress of our academic development and that the condition does not limit the person. Alex, you are an example of success and resillence".

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