Alex Garcia presented a lecture at the Faculty of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto - FAMERP. (www.famerp.br)


With the enthusiasm of always I have been to FAMERP on May 29 developing an intense and pioneering reflection at the invitation of Professor Neuseli Lamari (www.neuselilamari.com).

Professor Neuseli Lamari, Professor of Physical Therapy, Professor Assistant at the Neurological Sciences Department in FAMERP said: "The great Alex Garcia, a myth and the only one, and the most rare person was the teacher in Celebration of Rare Diseases to show live to multidisciplinary academic and residents of FAMERP (Nursing, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Phonoaudiology, Nutrition, Psycology, Occupational Therapy , teachers and managers), as a deafblind person with osteogenesis imperfecta hydrocephalus did several lectures in 30 countries and participated in activities at the United Nations in New York. Those students will never be the same, they will be much better now. This model of education brings students to the reality of those people, what RARELY occurs in undergraduate teaching. He charmed everyone and the students bombarded with questions. An experience that only after 33 years of professional practice I have lived, but it is still time, because from there many people will be convinced multipliers and truly humanized and bolder for life . Professor Alex CONGRATULATIONS! An example of didactic. Thanks for all you gave us".

Photos clik here: www.agapasm.com.br/fotos52.asp

All the best!

Alex Garcia
Deafblind Brazilian