Alex Garcia spoke at a university in Camaquã!


For the second year in a row - 2013 and 2014 - Alex Garcia, from São Luiz Gonzaga collaborated with Uniasselvi, a university in the city of Camaquã, talking and teaching to students from the course of Pedagogy, from 10th to 12th of April.

About this, teacher Jocelaine Bernar highlights that "Alex Garcia's work is wonderful and having the chance to know a little about the experience of a deaf blind person is very important to all of us". She emphasizes that " people don't know how to deal with differences and they are afraid of the barriers they find at the first time they meet a person with any kind of disability. Alex Garcia's story is an example of success and he deserves all our adimiration for his work. We hope to be able to have his support in other activities and in the classes for the next groups of graduation".

And the academic Francielle Tenciano, who was attending the event, said that "Prof. Alex is one of those people that everyone should learn at some moment of life. He showed that, despite all his limitations, it is possible to overcome them and still be brilliantly successful. I learned that knowing yourself, controlling emotions, planning and good guidance are the best ways to success."

Another academic, Aparecida Martins emphasized also said "In this day, I learned that what we know as forms of communication are extremely limited. Moreover, we "normal people" are very limited. Prof. Alex Garcia is one of the most brilliant and generous person who I have "talked" already. After all, he had to guide me how I should talk to him, and made it very kindly and safety. Aparecida also said that "Alex is one of those rare person that no one should live without knowing him. It was a great learning experience and I hope to have many other opportunities to learn with him."

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Alex Garcia - Deafblind Brazilian