Book Fair of Porto Alegre - 2014


For the fifth consecutive year, Agapasm - Gaucha Association of Parents and Friends of Deafblind Persons and Persons With Multiple Disabilities - www.agapasm.com.br, Desenvolver -Inclusion of Persons With Disabilities - www.desenvolver-rs.com.br and Baresi Institute - www.institutobaresi.com, were developing activities at the Book Fair of Porto Alegre.

In this 60th editionof the Fair, We were once again with a space in the Disability Station, at the Fair. I, Alex Garcia, Deafblind Person, was there autographing my books. The toy "Deafblind Alequinho" was also there, sharing information and guidance about Deafblindness.

I showed the articles I write on websites and magazines, as Planeta Educação Website - www.planetaeducacao.com.br and Reação Magazine - www.revistareacao.com.br I received there many many people interested in meeting me, in writing "on my hand" and sharing with me some moments and thougths.

This year, the Disability Station was a huge success again.

Accessing the following web link www.agapasm.com.br/fotos55.asp you can check some photos.

If you are a Deafblind Person or a Blind Person, please, ask some help to get the description of the photos.

Book Fair of Porto Alegre - The Porto Alegre Book Fair is a book fair held annually, between late October to mid-November, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It is the biggest[1] open-space book fair in Latin America and the most important cultural event in Porto Alegre. The Porto Alegre Book Fair has been hosted in Porto Alegre downtown since its first edition. Nowadays, the Fair sprawls itself between the Alfândega Square, the Sepúlveda Avenue and some docks at Porto Alegre Harbor.

All the best! Alex Garcia - Deafblind Person from Brazi Profile: www.agapasm.com.br/alexgarciaing.asp

"Deafblindness is the disability which "affects" most the essence of the society because it takes to a distance imposed by the visual and auditory losses as well the impatience which is generated by the difficulties in communication. So, refers to Deafblind persons, the most feared condition by human beings: "being alone" as a synonymous of abandon, which is different from "loneliness", because this one you can choose and enjoy it when you are not afraid of yourself." Alex Garcia - Deafblind Person